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Podiatry is the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of all conditions of the feet and lower limb. Although Podiatrists main area of focus is of the feet and lower limb many of the conditions affecting these areas are associated with the rest of the body. Podiatrists therefore need to approach each individual and their care holistically, which means taking into consideration the whole body.


Healthy nails need to be cut every 6-8 weeks. For some people, nails become difficult to cut due to various conditions and require regular treatment by a podiatrist. Nails may also need treatment by a podiatrist if they become ingrown, thick or develop fungal infections.

Corns, warts and callus.

Corns, warts and callus (thick, hard, dry skin) can be problematic and cause discomfort and pain. Your podiatrist can offer many treatments to reduce the occurance and pain associated with many skin conditions.

Cracked heels

Cracked heels are more than unsightly, they can be painful and become infected if not properly treated. A podiatrist can assist in reducing the callus and improving the texture and appearance of your heels. We stock Ellgy Cracked Heel Cream and Callusan preparations to assist in the removal of hard skin and improve the appearance of your heels. 

Footwear & hoisery

We have a range of footwear and hoisery available to purchase at Smithfield and Draper Street Cairns. Dr Comfort shoes come in large and wide fittings suitable for diabetics. We also have a wide selection of Revere sandals suitable for othotics. We have sports socks suitable for diabetics and compression stockings in a variety of compression levels.

Diabetes Assessment

Diabetes can affect your feet and often your feet may experience the first signs of diabetic complications and this is often before a diagnosis of diabetes is given. All diabetes patients should have, at a minimum, an annual diabetic foot check by a qualified podiatrist. If you have had diabetes for more than 10 years a diabetes foot check would be carried out every 6 months.


Podiatrists are trained in the identification and management of numerous paediatric conditions. Many parental concerns regarding their children are just normal phases of developmental milestones but trained knowledge in the differentiation of what is normal and what is not is imperative so appropriate treatment can commence immediately if required. 

Biomechanical Assessment

The lower limb, ankle and foot is a dynamic inter-related system made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles and tendons. These structures allow your foot, ankle, legs and therefore the rest of your body, to move in many varied ways. If any of these structures are not functioning optimally pain and discomfort can result and be felt, via referred pain and compensation, throughout your whole body.


We have a range of orthotics and insoles available. Custom made orthotics can be can be cast and delivered with in a week if needed. All footwear we sell will also accomodate orthotics.